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Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers Prediction

Super Bowl winner prediction for the 2012-2013 season.

February 3, 2013

By Scott Croco


The Ravens have played surprisingly well in the post-season, dispatching the Colts, Broncos, and Patriots. The 49ers have been riding their new Colin Kaepernick offense. Which team will win the Super Bowl?

Ravens 49ers
13 - 6 Record 13 - 4 - 1
11.3 Strength of Schedule 11.1



The Ravens regular season offensive score was 29.9 and their post-season offensive score is 40.8. The 49ers regular season offensive score was 31.7 and their post-season offensive score is 56.4. Baltimore has an efficient, talented offense, but the 49ers have the edge in this category.

Edge: 49ers


Baltimore has been identified by their defense for a decade, but had a bit of a down year in 2012. This unit has played about the same in the playoffs, with a regular season defensive score of 15.9 and a post-season defensive score of 15.7. The 49ers' defense is known to be good, but has played poorly in the playoffs. San Francisco's regular season defensive score was 23.4 and their post-season defensive score is -1.3. The Ravens have a slight statistical edge.

Edge: Ravens

Special Teams

The Ravens' special teams are usually great but have been a disaster in the playoffs, giving up 2 touchdowns on kick returns. Their regular season special teams score was 8.3 and their post-season special teams score is -1.8. San Francisco has been good on special teams this year, but just okay in the playoffs. The 49ers regular season special teams score was 8.3 and their post-season special teams score is 3.7.

Edge: 49ers


The Ravens played slightly tougher opponents, while the 49ers have a slightly better record. The Ravens have a better turnover ratio, the 49ers get called for fewer penalties, and San Francisco has a nicer point differential.

Edge: 49ers

Final Verdict!

Considering this prediction formula has only resulted in 50% success, I'm not super-confident in this prediction, but the 49ers should grab their 6th Super Bowl.

Predicted Winner: 49ers

Team Y MSM Off Def ST Misc
Baltimore Ravens 2012-2013 78.62 34.6 15.8 3.9 10.7
San Francisco 49ers 2012-2013 90.78 39.9 15.1 6.8 13.5

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